You cannot convince an atheist to go to church by warning him of God’s displeasure. He does not believe in your basic premise – the existence of God. A similar lesson in futility is the Conservative’s attempt to show the Liberal he is wrong by pointing to the Constitution. The Conservative is working from the premise of a shared belief in the sanctity and rightness of the Constitution. But the Liberal does not share our reverence for the Constitution; he instead looks on it as a good starting point. Liberals consider the Constitution to be a living and breathing document that must evolve as the people of this country become more sophisticated and knowledgeable about ourselves and the world around us. The form of government, envisioned and enshrined by our Founding Fathers in the days of the horse and carriage, is a stale one and must be updated for modern times. This line of thought has brought us to today, where government is now acting in a constant state of unconstitutionality. Despite the fact that our representatives (including our President) swear to uphold the Constitution, they demonstrate daily the oath has little meaning to them.

What is under debate here is not this amendment or that amendment, but the validity of the whole document and thus the entire American form of government. Conservatives have sat by as generations of our children have been spoon-fed a liberal education of revisionist history and immature radicalism. The two areas of our country that Americans should be able to look to for impartiality: education and journalism, are almost wholly run by liberals. So let us stop arguing on behalf of the 2nd amendment to a liberal who believes it is just a rule for hunters. That is a waste of time. We must stop fighting the symptoms and treat the disease. The Conservative must seek to EDUCATE and INFORM.

Educate as many people as possible on history. Albert and I consider history to be the most important subject in the education of our children. It baffles me how advancements can be made in medicine, technology, physics, and any number of areas by learning from the success and failure of those before you, but when it comes to government and the simple rules of society we must stumble around blindly as if we just came out of the caves, repeating the same costly mistakes again and again. I think it was Truman that said the only thing new is the history we haven’t learned yet. Amen.

Our Founding Fathers were educated men who had studied history in great detail. They had learned (sometimes by seeing it with their own eyes) the tragedies that can befall a country when government was either too large or too small. And to the amazement of all, including themselves, they were able to come together and create a new kind of civilization based on freedom, equality and the rule of law. What they created was the best form of government ever known to mankind and THAT is what makes America the best country on the planet. How many students are taught that nowadays?

Inform the American public about what is going on in Washington. We have a media that is actually complicit in government corruption. See below story:

Journalistic objectivity is dead. Therefore, we can no longer rely on the standard media to be honest and simply “tell the news” to the American public. We must come up with ways to keep the public informed so they do not have to rely on the word of a biased media with a liberal agenda.


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