Last Friday there were “Tea Party” protests in a lot of major cities. The kids and I attended the protest in Houston. Not surprisingly, the media would later understate the attendance, but even so, in the entire city of Houston only about 350-400 people came out to protest the radical changes taking place in our country. I must admit, at first I was a little disappointed by this. During the Tea Party, while talking with a nice fellow, I mentioned I had never been to a protest in my life. He hadn’t either. This got me to thinking…with the exception of the abortion clinic protesters they always splash all over the news, how often do you see a group of conservatives protesting? Hardly ever.

Four hundred people may be considered a small number for a liberal protest, considering they will stage a sit-in if their coffee is not hot enough. Half of them are college kids without jobs anyway – what else do they have to do? But the people at the Tea Party protest were an entirely different demographic. Most of the protesters were over 35 (they actually pay taxes) and there were quite a few little kids running around. I have no doubt that many of the people there on Friday had to skip work to attend, and some of the children were probably kept home from school.

The more I thought about the numbers that came out to protest all over the nation, the more significant it became. You see, conservatives by their very nature are not likely to protest; they do not seek to affect change through government. While liberals look to the government to implement their agendas, conservatives look on government as a necessary evil at best. We are self-reliant; it would not even occur to us to mass together and whine to the government, looking for help to solve our problems. Conservatives simply put their heads down and get to work, perhaps becoming active in their communities with friends, neighbors, churches, charities, etc. Moreover, most conservatives are older and have serious careers and kids to raise. Who has time to protest for heaven’s sake?

But I also believe there is something more fundamental at work. Most protests have a threatening tone and the people are often crude, disrespectful and hate-filled. They are all about forcing their voices to be heard. Well, that type of intimidation is not what conservatives are about. We do not wish to force our views on others – – we are live and let live. You have the right to think what you want, no matter how stupid. Just leave me alone. It is as simple as that. We just want to be left alone.

But you see, this is where conservatives are going to have to wake up. Liberals will not leave us alone. Let me say that again. THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE US ALONE. They view issues in terms of groups and collectives, not in terms of the individual and his liberty. To institute their social agenda they require control over you and the fruits of your labors; and they will do this with no guilt because they have good intentions.

Liberals are, in effect, the schoolyard bully that we keep trying to walk away from. We are the Chamberlain to their Hitler. It is time to turn around and fight. Make no mistake about it, we are in a war – most of us just don’t know it yet. Those of us that do, feel powerless. We have no representation in Washington from either party and despair at the rampant corruption crowding our headlines every day.

The fact is, the ballot box is no longer useful for conservatives as we now have too large a percentage of our population dependent upon government for their livelihood. Democrats know this and are working tirelessly to expand government and buy more votes. America’s younger populace is poorly educated, yet constantly reassured of their greatness, which has produced a feeling of entitlement with absolutely no sense of duty to country. I shudder when I think back to all of the “man on the street” interviews I have heard (dozens of simple random samplings) where someone is asked a string of simple questions – “Who is our Vice President?” “How many states are in the United States?” “Name two members of the Allied Powers during WWII? Can you name one Supreme Court Judge?” – – they will be completely ignorant of even these most basic facts. And the last question will always be “Who did you vote for?” “Obama!”, comes the proud response. This is what we are up against folks. How do we combat such ignorance?

Well, the liberal leadership is far from ignorant and Obama’s ambitions are never-ending. We are losing our liberties by the hour now as the administration attempts to use the perfect storm of his honeymoon period, the current economic crisis, and the recent departure of Bush (while he can continue to be blamed for everything), to push through the most radical changes in the history of this country. Again, what do we do? How do we fight?

I believe protesting is valuable to us only in that it can allow us to network with other like-minded individuals. But protests are simply not our style. Even though the squeaky wheel gets the grease, we are never going to out-squeek the libs. They invented it. The answer, I believe, lies somewhere else.

What is that answer? I wish I knew, but you can believe I am working on it and I hope you are too.


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