Before we discuss nationalized health care, can we set some ground rules first? Let’s dispense with the following lines of argument…

The U.S. Health Care system is the laughing stock of the world! Uh-oh. If we are the laughing stock that must mean they think we’re stupid! Enough with the amateur psychology. Anybody with an ounce of sense could care less what some effete European thinks about us. You might as well just double-dog-dare us into nationalized health care.

I have many friends who are Canadian and they love their health care system. This reminds me of the teenager who brags to his buddies of how he lost his virginity to a Canadian girl. Or the rock band that sucks here in America but swears they’re huge in Belgium. Yes, the Canadians love their health care so much they come in droves across the border to America when they need urgent medical care. You would have to live in a cave to have not heard the horror stories of nationalized health care. But you know, even if all these countries had nothing but pleasant stories to tell about their health care experience, it has little relevance to us. Do you know the population of your average European country compared to the population of the US? You could not even begin to compare apples to apples.

So, now that that’s out of the way, we can begin talking about America and her needs. tick…tock…tick…tock. Let’s begin the debate. tick…tock…tick…tock. Okay I am ready to debate. tick…tock…tick…tock. While we were waiting for the debate the libs yelled “Suckers!” and continued the back-dooring of nationalized health care with the recently passed stimulus package. Almost $100 billion goes to various states to bail-out their Medicare and Medicaid programs.

The stimulus package also has funding for health information technology. That is just a fancy way of saying they plan to computerize everyone’s medical records into one big database. Seems like a good idea right? I mean, all we would have to do is spend the billions to install all of this technology in every hospital and medical practice in the country, staff an entire IT department in each hospital, make sure all systems can link with one another, agree on common medical definitions (I read on the web there are several hundred definitions for “unstable angina”), develop a way to add new medical advancements into the computers, and train all of the staff on the new systems. Easy as pie!

Now we are up and running. And then comes the fly in the ointment of every liberal idea – the law of unintended consequences. You can think of all kinds of problems that may arise. Here’s one: at the touch of a button Big Brother will know about your drug rehab, your penile implant, that flaming case of gonorrhea…you get the idea. But rest assured, your privacy is safe in the hands of the government. The end game is to have all of that information in one central place so that when some GS5 public servant is determining whether you should get your kidney transplant or not, she can see your medical history.

Understand that every move the government makes now on health care (such as the recent expansion of the Schip program) is just their way of progressing nationalized health care without having to fight over it. The eye-popping budget that was just announced puts $634 billion into a healthcare reserve fund to save for the start-up costs of universal health care. Another lock-box like the Social Security fund? Yeah right. It won’t be long before this healthcare reserve fund is raided in the name of one national emergency or another.

What really angers me about this whole thing is we will be FORCED to be a part of this train wreck. You will not be able to opt-out of universal health care. No matter what they say, they cannot allow that. Otherwise, the productive and healthy members of society would opt out and who would subsidize the others? Moreover, it is just the nature of people that they would opt-out until they got sick and then they would opt-in. Therefore, individual health care WILL be mandated. They could just tax us to pay for it all, but my guess is they will tax us and require each of us to have insurance.

They will enforce this by fining us if we don’t insure. “It’s no big deal”, they will say, “you are required to pay car insurance already, so this is no different.” Wrong again. First off, not everyone is required to have auto insurance, just the people who choose to drive. Second, the reason we are forced to have liability insurance is to protect the others on the road. It is one of the few legitimate functions of government to protect your private property rights against the actions of another citizen. Unless, of course, you are hit by one of the millions of illegal aliens, in which case you are screwed.

In today’s America, health care is a right, whether it violates the Constitution or not. So, the train has left the station and it is barreling down the track. Like it or not, we are all along for the ride.



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