It is a great mystery to me why, generation after generation, all over the globe, we are forced to fight this eternal battle against collectivist ideology, whether it takes the form of communism, or socialism (communism-light), or liberalism (don’t yet know they are socialists). If this were a science experiment we would have run so many tests and recorded so much data that we would have conclusive proof as to the best formation of an advanced society. How many lives must be ruined? How many nations will crumble before people will learn the truth? A capitalist society, where the individual can labor in freedom, clear of the stifling constraints of a massive federal government, brings about greater prosperity each and every time it is tried.

So the battle we find ourselves in is nothing new and in spite of the comprehensive history proving our case, many Conservatives seem to have a hard time articulating our beliefs. This especially holds true for our politicians. As Thomas Sowell once said…Democrats can lie their way around the world before Republicans can manage to mumble the truth. I can only guess as to why this is, but I believe one reason is that Conservatives are forced to debate an emotional argument with a logical one.

To make a logical argument requires forethought and a core set of beliefs. Conservatives must reflect on who we are and what principles we hold dear. Once we understand our value system and know why we believe as we do, we can comfortably debate the issues. However, when we have not thought through our positions, or worse, are trying to be all things to all people, then we can be blown here or there by an easy, emotional argument. In these situations, it is not long before we are accused of not caring about the children, or the homeless, or the environment, or civil rights, or the animals, or whatever victim du jour the liberals profess to speak for.

As this is the most common run in the liberal playbook, you would think we would be ready; but very few of us are. So in that vein, each week I will be refuting a different myth or stereotype, and reminding myself and others why Conservatism is the answer.


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