Actually, the exact opposite is true. It is a frustratingly common misconception that large corporate interests are against larger government. Washington and Big Business have been working together against America’s free market system for years. They like to give the impression that they are rivals, but in fact, many of the largest corporations lobby for government bailouts, subsidies, stricter regulation, higher taxes and other special favors. In fact, government legislation is often written and pushed through Congress at the request of Big Business. Why? Because a large intrusive government allows Big Business to accomplish what they never could in a free market; they do not want competition and a level playing field. They accept regulation of their industries on terms that give them a competitive advantage and that deter new entrants. They even support tax increases that fund the growth of government, especially if they are given tax benefits others are not. The end game is to create regulatory hassles and expense for their competitors who, unlike them, cannot afford the financial burden of compliance, higher taxes and lobbyists. It is all about stifling competition and gaining the most profit for their companies, regardless the damage it may do to America.

Understand that these bleeding-heart Democrats, these big government Liberals are actually in bed with the same corporate interests they claim to be against. While dirty politicians call for more regulation under the guise of protecting us from Big Business, they are actually working in collusion with them. Of course the irony is that these same bureaucrats then convince their constituents that small-government Conservatives are actually shills for Big Business! And who are the big losers in this sad game? The very people the Liberals always claim to want to help: the little guy – – the smaller companies, the consumers, and the taxpayers.

Very few people know that Big Business supported the New Deal. They are unaware that Enron was one of the largest supporters of the Kyoto Protocol. Or that General Motors has lobbied tirelessly for stricter environmental legislation. Or that Phillip Morris aggressively pushed for heightened federal regulation over the tobacco industry. Or that Boeing and Halliburton have often lobbied for more government, not less. Some of these large companies would like nothing more than to help create more government customers, both foreign and domestic. The proponents of Eminent Domain may not realize that the law allows dirty politicians and large real estate developers to conspire to seize the private property of individuals. We were told last year by the media that these free-market purists at Goldman and the like were coming hat in hand begging for government’s help. What nonsense. Has nobody noticed the revolving door that seems to exist between these investment banks and positions at the Fed and Treasury? All of these ivy leaguers staggering under the weight of their MBAs and PhDs have brought America to the brink of collapse.

And what is the biggest hustle of all? The global warming con game. Naïve Liberals think these “green laws” are punishing Big Business when in fact most of these measures are backed by large corporations that stand to profit greatly from these environmental laws. When we hear about the large investments made in green technology by GE and the like we are told they are acting out of a sense of corporate social responsibility. Right.

Understand that it is highly questionable whether any of these environmental measures will improve our planet, and sometimes they simply create more damage. What these magicians have done is make value appear our of thin air. This is often achieved through the unholy alliance between environmental groups and big business. Let’s look at Chevron. They make large investments into unprofitable renewable energy. They also donate heavily to environmental groups such as the WWF. Coincidentally, the WWF and other environmental groups lobby Congress to make Chevron’s investment profitable by government mandate. Who loses out here? The American consumer. Some environmental causes may be sound, but do not be naive enough to fail to see the profit motive on all sides of the equation.

The fact is, Conservatives believe that small entrepreneurial businesses are the backbone of America. They are the real job, value and wealth creators. The Liberal and Big Business agenda of higher taxation and overregulation punishes these courageous risk-takers the most. For a greater understanding of the above issues, I highly recommend a book by Tim Carney called The Big Ripoff.



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