On the contrary, Conservatives do not look at race at all; we look at the individual. We wish to see every individual reach their maximum potential, regardless of race or any other factor, and we know that true greatness can only be achieved when the individual takes on responsibility for their own life. As success is largely determined by attitude and work ethic, we have watched in despair as blacks have continued to vote themselves into dependency through the election of Democrats who have no interest in their advancement.

Liberalism tells the minority that others are to blame for their lot in life. Things would only be better if they were not constantly kept down and discriminated against by evil forces conspiring to hold them back. They are told they were born at a disadvantage and excuses must be made for them and standards must be lowered, which instills in them a sense of inferiority. They are told that whites will never willingly give power, so blacks will have to fight for it and take it. They are told by politicians and race hustlers that they are entitled; thus the black victim demands not just equal rights but equal outcome, and this is not achievable.

Meanwhile, the rest of society is simply going about their everyday lives. Whites are not huddled together plotting the best way to keep the black man down. We have no interest in persecuting or discriminating against anybody. We are all just struggling in our own little worlds, working to build a better life for ourselves and our children.

Black leaders demand fairness in hiring and push antidiscrimination laws that, in the private sector, simply make employers fearful of hiring blacks. Who believes a business owner cares about the color of your skin if you are an outstanding worker? If you are friendly and have a nice attitude? Playing the race card only works on those that harbor guilt, and that number is growing smaller and smaller all the time. Guilt causes some whites to expect and accept a lower level of civility from blacks – an unacceptable rudeness they would never countenance from a white. But most whites are conditioned to say nothing, to excuse it as they fear blaming the victim or appearing racist.

Not only do I NOT believe that white racism is a serious issue in this country, I think one could make a solid argument that there is more racism among blacks, and often times an overt racism at that. In fact, I believe that voting for someone because he is black is just as racist as voting against someone because he is black; in both cases, someone’s true qualifications are being overlooked. One would think that to cry racism while we have a black President would be considered bad form, but no such luck. Where would be the votes in that strategy?

I am happy to see the gradual erosion of the unanimous black support the Democrat party has enjoyed for years. It is heartening to hear their calls in to talk radio. Most of them tuned in to better understand the enemy, but then later call in profusely thankful that someone opened their eyes. Liberals, in their ignorance, have labeled Rush Limbaugh a racist for years, not noticing that his #2 guy for ages has been Bo Snurdley, a black man. Or that one of Limbaugh’s favorite writers is Thomas Sowell, a black man. Or that frequent guest hosts when he is away include Walter Williams and Larry Elder, both black. Or that one of his best friends is Clarence Thomas. But to admit that Limbaugh is not a racist means they would have to argue against his ideas on the merits, and it is there where the liberal finds himself on shaky ground.

I look forward to the day when we can all come together as Conservatives do now, as equals – with no one living at the expense of the other. I look forward to their realization that the Democrat party has for decades done nothing but damage the black family, and that most advancement made by blacks has occurred in spite of liberal government programs not because of them.

But this will not happen overnight. Conservatives must articulate our beliefs and values and stop relying on Republicans to spread our message as they are simply incapable of it. After decades of the same strategy, we still see Republicans sidling up to the NAACP and other liberal black groups that will be hostile to our message regardless. And then when they do stand in front of the jeering crowd they offer the same things Democrats do – – an expansion of the welfare state and other entitlement pandering along with a smattering of token gestures such as Black History Month and the Kwanzaa stamp.

Even as Conservatives look on everyone as equals, so too must our message stay consistent. It is easy to explain how liberal policies work to the disadvantage of the black family, from their support of the teachers unions which have perpetuated the decaying state of our inner city schools, to liberal judicial policy which turns criminals loose into urban neighborhoods where they continue to prey upon the innocent. True Conservatism has a lot to offer the black community, and while we may not see anything but regression during the current administration, we must keep expressing our views and educating others on why Conservatism is the answer.


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