It is easy to see why Conservatives might appear close-minded or unreceptive to new ideas. We are traditionalists and look first to history for answers; because we know that most “new” ideas are not new at all. We require facts and pay little attention to the emotional side of the argument. We often have strongly-held beliefs, but let us not mistake those for close-minded ones.

Liberals, on the other hand, tend to be young and naïve – – – idealistically immature. They are more likely to fall for Marxism, multi-culturalism, moral relativism, environmentalism or other crackpot theories making their way down the pike. Liberals can be convinced with emotional arguments and good rhetoric. The young liberal often wants change for change’s sake as they have the youthful impulse to agitate, feeling anything old must be parochial and dated. They tell themselves they have new ideas and a fresh viewpoint the rest of us are too simple to see. Inherent in almost all Liberals is a sense of superiority and a typically unearned, inflated self-esteem.

The other half of the above myth says that Liberals are more tolerant of others than Conservatives. What they really are is more accepting; Liberals are more accepting and willing to embrace alternative lifestyles than most Conservatives. Conservatives are very tolerant of these lifestyles, believing that as long as it does not affect us, then it is none of our business. The problems arise when there is an attempt to force Conservatives to embrace an alternative lifestyle, instead of just tolerate it.

Even though Liberals often preach tolerance and diversity, what they are really after is a surface diversity based on the likes of ethnicity or sexual preference. As one professor said, “To a Liberal, diversity looks like the United Nations but thinks like a San Francisco coffeehouse.” In the most crucial area for diversity, that is, the diversity of opposing ideas, Liberals
are some of the least tolerant people you will run into. Conservatives, on the other hand, are practically begging for the debate. We have no interest in silencing the Liberal opposition, because we know we are right. When reason and truth are on your side, you have no fear of dissenting opinion. You stand ready to make quality arguments based in history and fact.

Even though I am a questioning agnostic and do not consider myself a very religious person, I do think that religion, or a lack thereof, can play a vital role in a person’s life. As G.K. Chesterson once said,

“When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing – – they believe in anything.”


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