Conservatives do not wish to abolish government. We seek to both restrict it and bring it closer to home. We believe the role of the federal government should be limited to those powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution. Conservatives believe that a state government is more beholden to the people than a federal government, and a county government is more beholden than the state, and the city more than the county. In other words, the further away the governmental entity, the LESS impact it should have on our daily lives.

This idea of federalism is very important to the American people. The whole reason this nation was founded was to escape the yoke of a distant power. Our Constitution was carefully and deliberately crafted to restrict any one area of government from gaining too much power, thus preserving the people’s liberty. So if you believe your state is treating you unfairly or your representatives are not serving your interests, you can take your family and your money and move to another state. If you believe your local government is doing a poor job you can demand a meeting with the mayor and tell him so! The United States is a vast country full of people with different beliefs, traditions, problems, cultures, economies, and so on. The best solutions to the problems of Texas cattle ranchers will probably not come from the New York representative who grew up in the Bronx. This is all pretty much common sense. Mark Levin’s recent book, Liberty and Tyranny, has a fabulous chapter on the beauty of Federalism.

But lately, the Federal Government has grown so large and intrusive that American citizens are beginning to feel trapped. When they destroy our health care system, where will be go? When they devalue our dollar down to pennies, what will we do? When they have ruined all of our industries, where can we move to start anew? When they have destroyed our military, how will we defend ourselves?

Like animals backed into a corner, we have realized we must turn and fight, and THIS is what is now beginning to happen at town halls all across the United States. And let’s face it, this kind of fury and frustration is a scary thing to behold.

For years now, I have held the strong belief that a second Civil War in America could occur within my lifetime. You can war-game it out in many ways, but the most likely scenario goes like this:
Federal Government continues to redistribute the wealth of the citizens of economically stable, conservative states to the citizens of a failing, liberal states. Federal government continues to infringe upon state sovereignty until some unknown tipping point – – it could be a Supreme Court case, or the enforcement of some new federal mandate, who knows? But at that point, one or more states will refuse to comply and effectively secede from the union. And then all hell breaks loose.

I have spoken with many of you about this belief in the past and been met with quite a bit of teasing. Tell me folks, is it really so far-fetched now?


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