Don’t flush the sleeping pills and rolaids just yet, my friends. I know it has been easier to sleep at night with Congress on recess, but our brief respite is almost over. After Labor Day, the barbarians will once again be storming the gates. One disastrous, crippling piece of legislation after another is coming, and we need to be ready for it. Nationalized Healthcare. Cap and Trade. More misguided “stimulus spending”. Obama has only been in office a little over seven months, meaning we still have over three years left of this nightmare.

Our nation’s ship is sinking folks, and I am going to Washington D.C. in September to simply bail water. We’re not even plugging holes and making repairs yet. We are simply trying to keep our boat afloat!! All we can hope to do right now is STOP this insane expansion of the federal government and expose the rampant corruption in Washington. Maybe, when the American people pull their collective head from their ass, we can replace this current Congress and start to rebuild. But for now, we’re just bailing.


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