REDS – Part 1

As I watch Obama’s approval ratings drop and listen to the reported reasons, it has become clear to me that many folks simply believe we are witnessing politics as usual with Obama. Not so. We are way beyond dirty politicians and sex addicts. We are in the midst of a full-blown Marxist takeover of the United States government.

Before you write me off as a right-wing nut job, I would ask that you hear my arguments as to why I believe this is the case. I will be outlining Obama’s communist connections and highlighting various ultra-radical high ranking government officials, among other things. These connections are so vast and have been built over such a long period of time, it is difficult to choose a place from which to start. I am faced with a virtual spider web of corruption and radicalism. Thus, I am simply going to wade in without a particular order. You may probably think it unremarkable at first that a man like Obama would have “run into” a communist here or there in his life, but if you continue to read my newsletters, I have no doubt you will begin to note the sheer number of these silly coincidences and minor acquaintances. And if you scoff at the idea of Communists invading the upper levels of our government, please read the legendary book Witness, by Whitaker Chambers.

Not all of the strands on this spider web are communist, some are just radical, socialist nut jobs or sleezy crooks. As for the information, do not simply trust me. Check this stuff out for yourself, and when you yourself become convinced, TAKE ACTION!!

Frank Marshall Davis
Conveniently referred to simply as “Frank” in Obama’s book Dreams From My Father, Frank Marshall Davis was a strong childhood mentor of Barack Obama during his years in Hawaii. Davis was also a Stalinist and member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). A well known black writer, Davis authored, among other things, a book entitled “Livin’ the Blues” in which he chastises others for the “treasonous” act of exposing CPUSA members to the House Un-American Activities Committee. He believed in cooperation between what he called “Reds and blacks”, and repeatedly urged coalition politics such as through the use of labor unions and civil rights organizations.

Frank Marshall Davis and young Barack became very close, with Davis serving as role model and father figure, helping him come to terms with his “black identity” and influencing his career path as he went off to college. Not surprisingly, once a college student, Obama would attend socialist conferences and befriend Marxist professors, as he would already have a certain comfort level with this crowd.


to be continued…


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