As if you needed further proof that you cannot turn your back on the weasels in Washington, here are another couple of frightening bills quietly snaking their way through Congress:

CLEAN WATER RESOLUTION ACT (SB787) – Effectively gives the federal government jurisdiction over every drop of surface water in the country. This includes streams, ponds, creek beds, drainage ditches…you get the idea. Just another massive assault on private property rights masquerading as an environmental bill. Already passed out of committee and scheduled to come before the Senate this fall. Sponsored by Democrat Russ Feingold.

CYBERSECURITY ACT OF 2009 (S773) – Gives President Obama the authority to take control of the internet in a “cyber security emergency”. Obama could disconnect and even seize control of private sector computers on the Internet. And since no Democrat bill is complete without the creation of more mindless bureaucracy, there will also be a new federal cyber security professional certification program, requiring certain private sector computer operators to have certification. Sponsored by Democrat Jay Rockefeller.


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