Government Nationalizes Banking Industry, Auto Industry, and Now, HIGHER EDUCATION

Thanks to the guys at Red State, we are now aware of legislation (HR3221) that HAS ALREADY PASSED THROUGH THE HOUSE (remember when the House was known to have the more mainstream views?) which shuts down all private providers of student loans, forcing people to enroll in a government-run program to get money to pay for college.

Once this happens, Big Brother will have this nation’s universities by the shorthairs. How long before a university refuses to comply with some inane liberal rule and is therefore removed from the list of “approved colleges” for which federal funding can be used?

And if you think this is all there is to this sinister plan, read on.  The plan also creates a Green Schools Czar and associated committee (this is on top of the giant government bureaucracy that will result from having only ONE option for school loans).  The Green School Czar would focus on what else – – – finding and promoting environmentally friendly universities.

These people are truly frightening.

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”…Vladimir Lenin


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