In March, I took the kids to the first Houston “Tea Party” protest, which garnered an attendance of around 350 people. A mere six months later, my family attended the march on Washington D.C. along with a million other patriots (a conservative estimate) who came from all over the nation, at great personal expense, to make their voices heard.

Everywhere we found ourselves in Washington, from the airport to the hotel to elevators, museums, restaurants, and tour buses, we were surrounded by fellow protestors from every state in the union. It would have been great if Sean Hannity or Jay Leno had done one of their “man on the street” interviews in that crowd, as these folks were well informed and able to engage you on political topics from Afghanistan to health care and everything in between. I get misty-eyed with pride just thinking about it.

What happened on Saturday was truly historic and I find myself wondering if your average Liberal understands its significance – what it takes to prompt a movement of that size, especially among Conservatives. No matter. Our actions are finally beginning to make a difference and for the first time in many years our voices are being heard. Let us remember though, we have not even completed one quarter of this game. In fact, we have only just gotten suited up and onto the field.

March on DC

March on DC

For every one of us in this photo, there were scores of others that could not be there, and many of them let us know we were speaking for them. 

Here is a great article I just found on this topic:


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