As most Conservatives these days have an equal distrust for both Republicans and Democrats, we are forced to dig around on our own and find the best candidates to support. As most of us are unwilling to fill the coffers of the RNC, we are going to have to support the candidates directly through their campaigns. Here are several Conservatives that are worth a strong look. If you agree with their politics, please support them. And folks, think bigger than your own state; we must change the political makeup of Congress.

Michael Williams, running for the Texas Senate seat Hutchison is about to vacate.

Joe Wilson, South Carolina Representative currently under assault by the Libs for saying what so many of us were thinking.

Dr. Rand Paul, running for the Kentucky Senate seat. Son of Ron Paul, but do not think they agree on everything.

Pat Toomey, running for the Pennsylvania Senate seat against ex-RINO Arlen Specter.

Chuck DeVore, running for the California Senate seat against Barbara Boxer.


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