Ho-hum. Here we go again, playing opposite the Democrats who have a deck full of nothing but race cards. But let’s see this for what it is: desperation. An attempt to shame us into silence. Heaven knows they cannot effectively argue against us with facts and reason.

Nowadays, the race card only works on brain-dead lefties, so nothing is gained by playing it. In fact, I am convinced that for most Americans it is an incredible turn-off. Let’s hope they keep it up.

From the last week alone:

* Columnist Maureen Dowd wrote of the rampant racism against the president, and told us what she heard Joe Wilson say to President Obama was “You Lie, Boy!”.

* Bill Maher explained on his show that right wingers are always dropping racist subliminal messages, and points to the recent headline “Poll Hell: Obama Negs Rise”.

* When asked about health care, Reverend Jeremiah Wright stated that right wing racists are concerned that poor people are about to be helped.

* Jimmy Carter, an eternal embarrasment to the office of the presidency, told NBC’s Brian Wilson that most of the conservative opposition to President Obama is due to race. He also expressed concern over the heightened climate of racial hate speech.

* Newsweek’s latest issue has an adorable white baby on the cover with the accompanying headline “Is Your Baby Racist?” along with a story claiming that recent studies show us that children are born discriminatory. What a bunch of garbage.

* As 17 year old Taylor Swift was accepting her MTV award, thuggish rapper Kanye West comes onstage, steals the microphone and says Beyonce should have gotten it.

* Laurence O’Donnell of MSNBC informed us that Joe Wilson has done much to make the racist history of South Caroline jump back into our present consciousness.

* MSNBC’s David Shuster described the 9.12 march as white, whiter and whitest and says it was an “intolerance festival”.

* Rep Hank Johnson, Dem-GA, said that people will put on “white hoods and ride through the countryside” if emerging racist attitudes, which he said were subtly supported by Rep. Joe Wilson, are not rebuked.

* On a school bus, a 17 year old white boy was beaten by multiple black students in a racially motivated incident, as other blacks cheered. If the races were reversed do you think the main-stream media would have covered it?


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