Do We Want Another McCain? If So, Religious Conservatives Keep It Up.

A recent poll of religious conservatives shows that Mike Huckabee is the favorite candidate for the 2012 race. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! When will we ever learn???

When Huckabee first entered the 2008 presidential race, I too was intrigued. Then I read his book, Character Matters, and found his populist leanings very disturbing.  Huckabee is no Conservative.

Huckabee was a vocal supporter of the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill, and has stated that amnesty proposals were a “chance to make up for past racism.”  Huckabee opposed school choice, supported a nationwide smoking ban anyplace where people work, was not averse to tax hikes, and was about as “big government” as McCain was in the last election.

And am I the only one that remembers that Huckabee played a large role in making sure we were stuck with RINO McCain as our last candidate, when McCain used Huckabee to play spoiler to Romney in West Virginia.

Come on Conservatives – – We can do better!!!


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