Libs on National Defense: Forget the Missile Shield…We Need a Climate Bill, Now!

Enviro-Libs are working a new angle to win over GOP support; link our national security to global climate change.  McClatchy News is doing their part with two articles (here and here) over the weekend on the subject:

“America’s national security is at risk unless Congress and the Obama administration end partisan wrangling and agree on legislation to reduce U.S. contributions to climate change, a bipartisan group of former presidential advisers, cabinet members, senators and military leaders said Tuesday.”…

“Climate change threatens to drag the U.S. into conflicts in unstable regions over water, energy and other resources, McGinn said. It will create more frequent natural and humanitarian disasters, and as people around the world demand the essentials for life and unstable governments fail to cope, terrorists will gain room to operate, he said”.


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