Obama to Stephanopoulis: “No George, the sky is not blue. I repeat, the sky is not blue. George, are you still in your happy place?”

As I warned you six months ago (here) when Obama was reassuring us that Americans could always opt out of the proposed government-run health care plan, the Libs cannot allow American citizens to escape the public system.  I even told you then of the whole “car insurance” analogy and why that is a stupid argument.  

As it is important that Americans not seem to be forced into the plan, the government is putting on the charade of making it all look optional.  We must be deceived into believing we have a choice.  We must be “nudged” into doing the right thing [see here my book review of Nudge, by Cass Sunstein, Obama’s Regulatory Czar].

Our nudge is that Obama is going to tax the shit out of us if we do not comply.  But wait, we cannot call it a tax.  The technical White House term is “Individual Mandate Fine”.  Below is an excerpt from Stephanopoulis’ Sunday interview with Obama, in which things start to get really absurd when George is forced to read the definition of a “tax” from the Miriam Webster dictionary.  Truly Orwellian.


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