Tasteless Homework

My neighbors have been forced to send their previously-homeschooled daughter to public school for the first time this year.  She is in the third grade.  Less than a month has passed and her parents are already thinking of pulling her out, or putting her in private.  Her assigned homework often has poorly written instructions, bad grammar, or even blatant errors.  One worksheet she brought home listed the five senses: Sight, Smell, Touch, Hearing and Feeling. Beyond the obvious error, shouldn’t we be teaching our children about the five senses in Kindergarten?

This is just an example from my own back yard…literally.  But you can look all over the nation to see our public schools failing, and this is at a time when our government is spending more on public education than ever before.  The latest numbers from the U.S. Census show that, on average, the government spends almost $10K a year per pupil to educate our kids!  For states like New York, this number rises to a ridiculous $16K per student, as opposed to Utah, which spends less than $6K.

Keep in mind these numbers are from the 2007 census.  Since that time, the Libs passed their porkulus bill which included a staggering $87 billion for education.  Basically, this was another payoff to the teachers unions (look here for previous discussion of NEA) for their endorsement and active campaigning on behalf of Obama.

When will people realize that MONEY is not the problem?  My children attend a private school where they get a quality education, at a cost per student that is less than the average government expense.  Moreover, they do this without a dime of federal money.  Go figure.

As I have said many times before, the Department of Education should be abolished.  The Constitution grants the federal government NO authority over the education of our children.  That is an issue for the parents, and if they so choose, for the states.  Assuming we cannot win that battle any time soon, we must allow competition to enter the marketplace through school choice.

[Update: Just watched Glenn Beck and his expose on the video being shown to our public school children.  Heads up, guys.]


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