Obama Apologizes For Our Nation’s Founding

Obama’s apology tour continues, this time with a performance at the UN General Assembly today.  In the same week that Obama acted unilaterally by scrapping the European missile defense shield without first consulting with Poland, Obama apologized for America’s history of “acting unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others”.

He apologized for the past character and cause of America, and our polluting ways, among other things.  Each apology was then followed up with an explanation of what HE has done to make things better.  If you had to distill the speech down into one general idea it would be “America has always sucked.  But not anymore, because I am President.”

Today’s self-aggrandizing speech was an absolute disgrace.  I did…I am…I have…my office…memememememememememememe… This man is so full of himself.  If you think you can stomach it, here is the text to his speech.


2 Responses to Obama Apologizes For Our Nation’s Founding

  1. Beto Lasater says:

    Has he taken credit for creating peace in our time? It will not be long till he claims the rights to anything that is succesful

  2. Paul K. Davis says:

    “Peace in our time”, huh? I know what happened after that comment in 1938. But I guess he figures it’s time for another world war.
    Didn’t Al Gore invent the internet? Maybe someone ought to write a book on great Democrat “accomplishments.”

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