Obama Throws Israel Under Bus, Backs Up, Runs Them Over, Then Shoots Them In Head for Good Measure

President Obama gave a DISGRACEFUL speech on the floor of the UN today — I literally felt sick to my stomach when I heard it.  Former Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, summed it up nicely when he said, “Obama just put Israel on the chopping block.”

In his first speech to the United Nations, Obama made clear that the U.S. does not view continued Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank as legitimate.  The President went on to say, the goal is clear: a secure, Jewish state for Israel and “a viable, independent Palestinian state with contiguous territory that ends the occupation that began in 1967.”  DID YOU GET THAT ISRAEL???  Our worthless President believes your country has been an occupying force on Palestinian land since 1967.  Well, if Israel did not know where they stood before today, they sure as hell do now.

If you are only somewhat familiar with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, let me say a couple of things. There is an assumption among many people that the poor Palestinians were pushed from their homeland in 1948 to make room for the newly created state of Israel.  Many are given the impression that the thousands of wretched Palestinian refugees living in squalor and poverty, are simply awaiting the day they can return to their homeland and once again be the great Palestinian nation.  Except for the fact that there never was a nation called Palestine.  Palestine was the name given to a large region, under British mandate, populated by Armenians, Kurds, Jews and Christians, among others.

When Israel was created, its borders enclosed less than 20% of the region previously known as Palestine.  Conversely, when the British created the kingdom of Jordon, its area encompassed 80% of the original Palestinian region.  So the designation of “Palestinian” is nothing more than a loose regional Arab relationship.

Since the time of its creation, Israel has been under continuous attack from its hostile Arab neighbors who claim the entire Palestinian region should be under Arab control.  During the Six Day War of 1967, Israel fought against the armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, and the Arabs had their ass handed to them.  By the end of the conflict, Israel had more than tripled the size of the area under its control.  As the war was a defensive one for the Israelis, they almost immediately expressed their willingness to negotiate a return for most of the territory, and subsequently did return over 90% of it.  The Israelis have attempted to trade land for peace for decades and have now FINALLY realized, most Arabs will not be appeased until Israel is wiped from the earth.  Period.

With his appalling speech today, Obama took the most anti-Israeli stance of any previous President, and the Arab world knows it.  The chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat said, “We are encouraged and highly appreciate President Obama’s statements on settlements being illegal and calling to an end of the occupation that started in 1967.”

Obama has been presiding over Israeli/Palestinian talks and has already expressed frustration at not being able to solve within hours a conflict that has lasted for generations.  But now that Israel knows Obama’s end goal for the negotiations — a complete and utter capitulation to the Palestinians – – why would Netanyahu even continue?  Why bother?  Obama’s demand of a “contiguous” Palestinian state would essentially divide the state of Israel into two chunks!

A fews days ago I mentioned the reckless comments of one of Obama’s foreign policy advisors, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who said that if Israel launches an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities (and thus flies over American-controlled Iraqi airspace), then American fighter jets should shoot down the Israelis planes.  At the time, I felt Obama would try to distance himself from such crazy comments.  I am not so sure anymore.


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