No Escape

Feeling anxious?  Claustrophobic?  If so, you have good reason.  Because the noose is tightening around our collective necks.

In any given nation, the upper 5% of its citizens typically constitute the bulk of the economic foundation upon which the wealth of that country is created.  And it is that same economic class which shoulders the lion’s share of the tax burden for their fellow citizens.  World history has shown that when taxes are too high, a tax rebellion occurs as the wealthier citizens of that country begin to leave in greater and greater numbers.  In America, we see this happen all the time on the state level.

However, a government intent on growing itself (as all Socialist governments are) cannot allow its “subjects” to escape its grip so easily.  That is why over the years we have seen steps taken by major world governments, in tandem with international organizations, to tighten the grip on their citizens, to make it impossible to escape high taxation anywhere in the world.

At the recent G20 Summit, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said, “There is no longer an Anglo-Saxon world and a European world” as he praised the U.S. agreement to implement the Basel II capital accord and a crackdown on tax havens. 

The “One World Order” is coming, and it has nothing to do with global democracy or advancing free trade or providing security and stability to the world markets – – NO – – it is about the implementation of a global financial system beyond which nobody can escape.  A complete elimination of tax competition between nations.  Like a campy James Bond villain, it all boils down to a consolidation of power and world domination.

For years now, many members of the United  Nations have been pushing for a global tax-collecting body.  If you think centralized government is frightening on a nationwide scale, just wait until we have it on a worldwide scale.  And make no mistake about it, that is exactly where we are headed.

National sovereignty and individual sovereignty are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  The buzzwords of today are “global economy”, “economic cooperation”, and “interconnected”.  Here are some articles from the last couple of days alone that prove my point:

This article mentions, among other things, a global regulatory framework for executive compensation as well as a “climate financing mechanism”, which is basically a pool of money gathered from the wealthier nations and given to the poorer nations to fund renewable energy technology.

This article mentions new guidelines for banker’s pay and a new worldwide financial framework to provide for more balanced growth.

This article explains the new peer review in which G20 member countries, with the help of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), would examine one another’s economic policies.  On executive pay, the G20 leaders endorsed standards to tie compensation to long term performance and to limit bonuses, all of which is to be overseen by the Financial Stability Board, a group of finance ministers and central bankers.


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