Obama’s Dream of Nuclear Free World May Lead America To Very Real Nightmare

President Obama recently chaired a summit of the UN Security Council, during which he pushed through a resolution that calls for a world without nuclear weapons.  Obama expressed his belief that the spread of nuclear arms can only be curbed if the U.S. takes the lead in disarmament.  He wishes to strengthen the global non-proliferation system, which many claim was badly eroded by the Bush administration, whose policy was to disdain arms control treaties and build a missile defense shield.  The same missile defense shield Obama scrapped this last week.


Upgraded missiles will feature prominently in China’s Oct 1 military parade which celebrates 60 years of Communist Party rule, the Xinhua news agency said, citing a commander of the service that controls nuclear weapons.

The parade of goose-stepping soldiers, well-rehearsed school children and flowery floats will illustrate the nation’s priorities of modernisation and military strengthForeign observers will be watching to see what weapons the People’s Liberation Army shows off.

The 108 missiles on display will include two types of surface-to-surface conventional missiles, a land-based cruise missile, surface-to-surface intermediate and long-range missiles that can be equipped with either nuclear or conventional warheads, and nuclear-capable intercontinental missiles, said Yu Jixun, deputy Commander of the PLA’s Second Artillery Force.


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