“Whitewash”, 2009, Oil on Canvas, by American Liberals

Attention Conservatives:  The only way to reverse the corruption that is now endemic to our political system is to dismantle, stone by stone, the Democrat party pyramid the Liberals have built with OUR TAXPAYER MONEY.  This pyramid consists of an endless parade of organizations whose very existence depends on big government largesse.  The NEA, ACORN, Fannie, Freddie, DOE, AFLCIO, SEIU – – – you name the acronym and our taxpayer money somehow funds it.

Typically, these organizations function as not-for-profits, and as such are supposed to have no political affiliation.  We know this to be false, and how can it be otherwise?  The very justification for their existence is based in Liberal ideology.  Billions of dollars are on the line and thousands of Americans are on the government take, so Conservatives should never underestimate the lengths to which Liberals will go to stop us from exposing their fraud.

Today, I would like to focus on one stone in the Democrat Criminal Pyramid, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).  This is a colossal waste of taxpayer money whose demise is long overdue.

The Liberals would have you believe the NEA is absolutely vital to our nation’s cultural heritage.  We are told that without the American taxpayer subsidizing whatever artistic expression the government deems worthy, our nation would enter a new Dark Age.

No.  We wouldn’t.  The fact is, the NEA is a relatively new federal agency, created in 1965 as part of LBJ’s Great Society Legislation (the Lib gift that keeps on giving), and the NEA has been mired in controversy since its inception.  Much of the controversy has stemmed from its funding of pornographic and tasteless art.

Who can forget the time OUR TAXPAYER MONEY was used to finance the showing of Maplethorp’s images of himself being penetrated anally with a bullwhip?  And then, of course, no discussion of the NEA can take place without mentioning the famous “Piss Christ”, a crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine.

I consider myself to be pretty open minded, but while researching this column, I was literally made ill by the dozens of examples of OUR TAXPAYER MONEY funding pure and utter garbage.  Beyond the ubiquitous porn, I suppose I am not sophisticated enough to appreciate the photo of a corpse’s head sawed in half and repositioned so it seems to be kissing itself.  Or the video of the man spitting blood.  A rube like me cannot possibly see the beauty of a nude man strapped beneath heavy weights suspended above his head by a pulley chained to his scrotum with the title “Testicle Stretch with the Possibility of a Crushed Face.”

I could literally fill pages with this junk.  In the past three decades, we have seen the very worst of humanity on display as artistic expression, and OUR TAXPAYER MONEY has sponsored it.

In my opinion, art should lift the spirit and move the soul.  It should play to the finest aspects of our nature.  Perhaps you ask – Who are you to say what art is?  My reply – I am the one footing the bill.  If you believe it is not my place to pass judgment on an artist’s work, then how is it my place to subsidize it?

But lest the Liberals cry foul and say the above examples are the exception not the rule, let me focus instead on the funding of the arts most Americans would agree is worthy of admiration, such as ballets, orchestras, and museums.  The truth is the private sector will, as always, pay for the arts that enhance the human experience.

Private citizens continually give to the arts at a level that dwarfs the NEA budget, and we will continue to do so long after the NEA has worn out its welcome.  Americans will happily pay to attend the theatre and the symphony.  Private philanthropists will continue to fund art exhibits that enrich our lives.  The free marketplace, however, will probably not fund the production of framed menstrual blood.  Art such as that requires an NEA grant.

The NEA has been on the chopping block in the past, such as when Ronald Reagan attempted unsuccessfully to defund the agency, and it has gone through some lean times when its funding was cut to the bone.  But those lean times are over; the previously starving artists at the NEA are now living high on the hog.

Barack Obama made a campaign promise to support increased funding for the NEA and he never forgets a payoff.  The NEA has now been funded to the tune of $190 million a year, with over $8o million coming from Obama’s recent stimulus bill.

And what does the NEA do in exchange? Well, as the recent NEA scandal proves, they are just one more special interest group pushing the party line for a paycheck.  These sanctimonious, free-thinking artists are nothing more than whores for Obama’s agenda.  As Andrew Klaven’s moving article explains, the NEA’s founding principles have long been forgotten.

It is time to let your representatives know, the NEA should receive no more of OUR TAXPAYER MONEY.


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