Liberals Have Lost Their Souls

Liberals – – – can we play “What if”?

What if George W. Bush had decided to run for another term?   But he couldn’t, you remind me, as we have a law limiting our Presidents to only two terms in office. True, but…

What if George W. Bush decided to have the Constitution rewritten to allow him to run for another term?   But the Congress and Courts would not have allowed it, you remind me.  Yeah, you’re probably right. But…

What if George W. Bush insisted on a voter’s referendum, where the issue up for vote was the creation and appointment of a new Constitutional Convention, which could then rewrite our nation’s Constitution to make sure Bush remained in power?  And…

What if George W. Bush flew to Moscow to work with Putin to prepare for the referendum and create the ballots?  And…

What if George W. Bush then instructed the U.S. Military to make sure the referendum went off without a hitch?

So would this be acceptable to you?  You and I both know it would not.  But that is EXACTLY what has happened in Honduras, a democratic strong-hold in a Latin America that is slowly falling to totalitarian control.

President Manuel Zelaya, funded with oil money from Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, won election in 2005.  Since then, Hondurans have watched with great alarm as Zelaya has moved further and further left, emulating good friend Chavez, who has subverted democracy not only in Venezuela, but also in Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

The Honduran constitution limits presidents to one term of office.  Zelaya, his term coming to an end, demanded a referendum to allow for his reelection; a move against the wishes of every branch of his government and in direct violation of the Honduran constitution.  Zelaya’s referendum called for the scheduling of a new constitutional convention, whose charge it would be to rewrite the Honduran constitution to extend term limits and make other procedural changes beneficial to a Zelaya power-grab.  This constitutional rewrite is becoming a common swindle perpetrated by leftist regimes in Latin America.

The Honduran Supreme Court ruled that only that nation’s Congress can initiate such a referendum and call for such a convention.  Zelaya ignored the Supreme Court ruling and ordered his military to continue with the referendum, the ballots for which were created by his buddy Chavez.  The military brass refused to do Zelaya’s bidding, so Zelaya fired them, broke into the military base where the ballots had been stored and proceeded to hold the referendum anyway.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so the Supreme Court ordered the military to remove Zelaya from office.  The Honduran Congress supported this move and voted unanimously for his removal, apppointing a successor to complete out his term.  The Honduran Attorney General, legal and business organizations, and churches also supported the removal.

Zelaya was sent into exile in Costa Rica where he claimed the Honduran people would clamor for his reinstatement.  The silence was deafening.  The Honduran people do not want this man back, and even his own party has begun to question his sanity.

What would you think is the American response to such an inspiring story of democracy in action?  Perhaps a statement of support for the rule of law?

No, our shameful President has sided with Chavez, Morales, Castro and the corrupt United Nations, in stating that Zelaya was unseated in a “coup d’etat” and must be reinstated immediately.

Obama’s America has come down on the tiny country of Honduras like an anvil.  Clinton was immediately instructed to sanction the Honduran judiciary.  How is it our place to sanction another country’s independent judiciary you may ask?  It isn’t.  Obama then suspended military aid, economic aid, and revoked the visas of all the Honduran Supreme Court judges, all high level Honduran political officials in the temporary replacement government of Roberto Micheletti, as well as many of the country’s major businessmen.  These actions kept the Hondurans from attending the United Nations summit last week.  In his attempts to force the Hondurans to violate their own constitution, Obama has taken a much harder line against this struggling democracy than he has against Iran, the greatest nuclear threat this world faces.

Yet, the Hondurans have held strong for months against great pressure.  They have watched as Zelaya and his thugs have become emboldened by American support and continue to receive monetary assistance from Chavez and other leftist regimes.

Now, it is with absolute despair that I read the following article in The New York Times:

Stung by the loss of their American visas and concerned about Honduras’s increasing international isolation, the country’s leading businessmen have put forward their own plan to resolve the political crisis here.

In the plan, which was made public earlier this week, supporters of the coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya (note the language here – this is the New York Times after all) three months ago have for the first time suggested his return as president.  But at the same time the plan calls for him to face trial on charges that he stole money while in office.

“What we’re trying to do is break the ice,” said Adolfo J. Facusse, president of the country’s manufacturing association.  Mr. Facussé said he had put forward his own proposal because he thought that other countries, particularly the United States, were preparing to reject the results of a presidential election scheduled for Nov. 29.  The State Department has warned that it may not accept the results if there is no political agreement.

“They continue deteriorating our elections process,” Mr. Facussé said.  “This is the most destructive thing they can do in a democracy.”  He added, “The less support the candidates have, the less they can do to solve the problems.”

When Mr. Facussé arrived in Miami on Sept. 12, immigration officials told him that he was no longer welcome.  The United States Embassy declined to say which other business leaders had had their visas revoked…

Shame on you Obama.  Shame on you Liberals.  Somewhere along the way, you have lost your souls.  We can only hope the Honduran people will hold strong, a David against a Goliath of socialist and communist regimes, our nation included.


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