Strap Yourselves In – – The Ride Is About To Begin

We Conservatives have been warning for years this day is coming.  Let’s hope folks are prepared, because we are at the tip top of the rollercoaster with no place to go but down.  As we stare into the abyss, let’s give a big shout out to the Progressives of both parties that have brought us here!

I strongly recommend the following two articles by the UK Telegraph:

The Demise Of The Dollar

The End Of The Dollar Spells The Rise Of A New Order


The dollar has been losing status as the world’s reserve currency for some time.  In fact, Russia already dumped the dollar as their reserve currency back in May, although it did not really make the news.  Most countries have been moving away from the dollar slowly, but it looks like the run may begin in earnest.

Some of you may be wondering why this is bad.  The one sentence answer is this: When governments, institutions and private investors cash out of the dollar and into another currency (typically the Euro) in a short period of time, this floods the market with U.S. dollars, causing a massive devaluation and typically, a recession.

You would think today’s news might throw cold water on the numerous Liberal plans making their way down the pike, but no.  It was announced today that Obama is renewing his health care push and is holding fast on his environmental goals.  These assholes will take us all straight to hell and care only if they do it in a hybrid.


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