Cambridge Cancels Savage Free Speech Debate, Proving No Debate Needed…UK Has No Free Speech

As a talk radio junkie, I have listened to some great talent over the years.  But Michael Savage is the only one who has ever made me laugh until I cry, not just once but many times.  To our brethren across the pond I say, sod off! You don’t deserve him.

From World Net Daily:
Just one week before Michael Savage was scheduled to debate via video link at the Cambridge Union in England, the co-presidents of the two-century-old society informed the top-rated radio host they have canceled the event.

As WND reported, the invitation from the Cambridge Union Society for the Oct. 15 debate was issued in July after Savage was banned from entering the United Kingdom by Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s government along with Muslim extremists and leaders of hate groups…

Michael Savage

Michael Savage


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