Is There A Leader In The House?

Moonbattery comments on the plunge in troop moral in Afghanistan.

As Chairman Zero Dithers, Troop Morale Plunges
Military chaplains report that morale among troops in Afghanistan (which used to be “the good war”, “the necessary war” when Democrats had to pretend they actually gave a rat’s hinders about fighting terrorism) has plummeted as the radical, terrorist-loving, Marxist Narcissist-in-Chief dawdles over strategy and commitment.

“The many soldiers who come to see us have a sense of futility and anger about being here. They are really in a state of depression and despair and just want to get back to their families,” said Captain Jeff Masengale, of the 10th Mountain Division’s 2-87 Infantry Battalion. …

“We’re lost — that’s how I feel. I’m not exactly sure why we’re here,” said Specialist Raquime Mercer, 20, whose closest friend was shot dead by a renegade Afghan policeman last Friday.  “I need a clear-cut purpose if I’m going to get hurt out here or if I’m going to die.”

Maybe it’s because their commander-in-chief is “not interested in victory.”  Maybe it’s because their indecisive, dithering, commander-in-chief refuses to provide the resources needed to to do the job properly and also refuses to pull out.  Maybe it’s because their commander-in-chief has all the time in the world to do Sunday chat shows, David Letterman, and jetting off to Copenhagen to shill for the Olympics but can barely scrape up 25 minutes to talk to the general in charge of Afghanistan operations.  Maybe it’s because Chairman Zero and Obamacrats are gutting the defense budget, even canceling a program for Combat Search and Rescue helicopters to save soldiers lives.



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