Libs Force Obama To Jump The Shark – Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

This is actually pretty funny.  Obama’s supporters have finally had this Affirmative Action Manchurian Candidate officially jump the shark by awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize.  His entire life is one of unearned achievement and this time, even many of his sycophantic followers are casting their eyes downward in shame.

As Althouse points out, we can now expect to see him win the Nobel Prize for Literature for Dreams From My Father, the highly praised book that established Obama’s intellectual bona fides – – which we now know was written by William Ayers.

Atlas Shrugs Blog:  Because nothing means anything anymore. Because good is evil and evil is good.  Because we live in a morally bankrupt world.  Obama won what?  This is embarrassing…This year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner (Our Esteemed President, peace be upon him) recently refused to meet with the winner of the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize (the Dalai Lama), in an attempt to suck up to China.

Obama has sided with evil, abandoned the Jews, the Iranians, the Hondurans, the Eastern Europeans, capitalism, individual rights, American sovereignty — in under a year.  The world is careening to catastrophe.  And they give him a prize.

Many thought Obama would refuse to accept the prize, or perhaps give it to someone more worthy.  Folks, that was never an option.  We are talking about $1.4 million for the Obama family.  Barack is nothing if not opportunistic.  There is some talk he may give it to charity.  Hmmm.  In his acceptance speech today he said America was really the one getting the medal.  If that is the case, can we use the $1.4 million to pay off several minutes of interest on our national debt?

From Ace of Spades:

This is so embarrassing. It highlights Mr. A-‘s odd propensity to be given grades, degrees, book deals, law review editorships, presidencies, and now Nobel Prizes based on doing nothing. 

Right now about 100 million Americans are wondering if they, too, might be announced as a Nobel Prize winner.  Many of us, too, have done nothing.

The Nobel committee has not done Obama any favors here.  This is going to make him more of a joke.Funny comment from Instapundit: How do you say “jump the shark” in Norwegian? 


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