Whatever Happened To “Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints”?

NASA bombed the moon today.  We all have a gut reaction to such news, and even after hearing what seems to be very sound reasons for doing such a thing, it is still difficult not to be deeply unsettled.  NASA proceeded with the bombing in an attempt to determine whether ice can be found in the craters of the moon.  As one NASA official stated

“If ice is present in the permanently shaded lunar craters of the Moon then it could potentially provide a water source for the eventual establishment of a manned base on the Moon.  Such a base could be used as a platform for exploration into the further reaches of our Solar System.”

Yeah, okay.  Still…you bombed the moon, you jerks.  As my son said to me today after I told him all about it, “God made the moon.  It is not yours to destroy.”  Exactly.  Out of the mouths of babes.

While we are obviously not destroying the moon (this expirement just created one more gouge in a moon pockmarked with the scars of previous meteorite crashes) this still seems like a karmic no-no.


More thoughts on this:

There are always scientists somewhere eager to screw with Mother Nature.  Whether it is this moon bomb, the constant talk of dissipating hurricanes by dropping tons of salt or other water absorbing substances over our oceans, the cloud seeding to increase rainfall,  or the downright creepy genetic testing, our gut feeling tells us it is wrong.  Perhaps because we know how fallible these men of science can be. 

The flip side of this coin is that mankind messes with Mother Nature all the time.  Purists might say we do that every time we build a dam or drill a pipeline or make a tomato plant resistant to frost.  Oh well, no answers today…


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