Vampires In Washington Need More Blood

From Representative Michelle Bachmann on Townhall:

Late last week we got word from Speaker Pelosi that more stimulus funding is being considered to get the economy back on track.  Seems that the $787 billion ($1.1 trillion with interest) that you ponied up earlier this year just isn’t getting the job done.  But, honestly, we shouldn’t be surprised by this response – not when tax-and-spend-and-borrow liberals are in charge of everything from the White House to the Capitol.

More government spending and borrowing to boost our economy is like trying to dig ourselves out of a hole in the sand.  When all is said and done, not only have we made no progress, but we’re further from our objective then when we first started.  And, with a greater debt for our kids to boot.

Instead of spending hundreds of billions of dollars on government giveaways in Stimulus, Part 1, the government should have focused on giving private business – big and small – a helping hand to create jobs.  Jobs are what we need now to turn our economy around – and you don’t do that by creating new government programs.  You do that by allowing businesses to bring on more employees and grow the economy.  But, sadly, it seems this Congress has yet to learn its lesson and is barreling toward Stimulus, Part 2.


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