Why The GOP Blows

RINO Olympia Snowe was the sole member of the GOP to help pass the health care bill through the Senate Finance Committee today.  This was no surprise to anyone, and just serves to show us again why the Republican party is such a freakin’ joke.  If there are any conservatives left out there that are still giving money to the RNC (I cannot imagine there are many of us left), Snowe is a fluorescent example of why you should not.

Instead of using your donations to support truly conservative candidates over the years, the RNC instead funds the campaigns of Progressives like Snowe, Specter, Collins, Graham, McCain and others, usually making excuses under the LOTE argument (lesser of two evils).  It is time to put these guys out of business.  It will require a bit of research on your part, but now is the time to donate to candidates individually based on platform, and pay no attention to party.


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