Hey Conservatives, Let’s Stop Arguing With Idiots

After recently reading Glenn Beck’s “Arguing With Idiots”, I reminded myself that while I enjoyed the book a great deal, I am finished arguing with idiots.  About a month ago, I had an epiphany and it was this:  A LIBERAL MUST COME TO THE TRUTH ON THEIR OWN.  In other words, we cannot convert them, as I had been trying to do for the better part of a year.

Liberals are functioning on a plane beyond facts and reason, and while they are there, they are unreachable.  I once heard it described as trying to convince a straight guy to be gay, it’s just not going to happen.  As I am a reformed Liberal, I have even thought back to those days and asked myself what it would have taken to make me see things clearly, and the sad answer is, nothing.  I had to evolve, to get there on my own.  Until that time came though, the Matrix had me.

And that is how we must think of Liberals.  No matter how nice they might seem, they are still plugged into the Matrix and our aim should not be their conversion, but their defeat.  As time is by far and away our most precious commodity, let’s focus on persuading the open-minded, the fence-sitter, and the politically lazy.  Let’s use our time to strengthen the conservative spirit of friends and family, and keep them informed.

And most importantly, we must strive to get our lives and families clear of the liberal blast zone.  Because face it, they ARE going to succeed in doing serious damage to this country – – we simply cannot stop it all.  You might be asking, how can we avoid the wreckage or minimize its impact on us?

If America falls into a deep depression or worse, your local community will become all-important.   Cultivate friendships with capable people you can trust and rely upon.  These would not include people gullible or dishonorable enough to have voted into office a tyrant willing to destroy your nation and redistribute your wealth.  Avoid contact with the government, including the public education system.  Financially insulate yourself from government meddling in every sector of the economy.  As for survival-type stuff, there are entire websites devoted to nothing but planning for TEOTWAWKI, so I will not go into that here.  

Finally, STAND UP AND FIGHT.  No matter what form that fight takes for you.  Our nation is faltering and it may very well not make it intact through this ordeal.  I for one want to be able to tell my kids someday that I fought like hell to preserve their freedom and the great country we have inherited.  And if my family goes down, I can promise you, we went swinging.


4 Responses to Hey Conservatives, Let’s Stop Arguing With Idiots

  1. Wage Slave says:

    funny I should find your blog today, when you post this entry.

    Could it just be that we have very different beliefs and viewpoints? Could it be that I find invading countries and simultaneously lowering taxes on the wealthy IS dangerous for the country?

    Could it be that I find utter hypocrisy in the Republican/Conservative party that preaches religious and moral values while failing over and over to keep the same standards for themselves?

    Could it be that I find our economic system a complete sham – socialism for the rich and corporate elites and capitalism for everyone else!?

    Could it be that I find our governments foreign policy to be too broad and our military spending too large? While we create a larger lower class and remain the only advanced country in the world that a child can die because they have no health insurance?

    Could it be that I think the Republicans disdain scientific evidence and facts when it doesnt fit their ideological or religous views (climate change, evolution, etc)

    Could it be that I find the Republicans and ‘conservatives’ (because that’s what you all seem to do when we point out your hypocrisy – claim you are really “conservatives” and to hell with the Republicans) are hypocrites and liars beyond reason when you argue against health care policy, gay marriage, and Obama’s birth certificate.

    Look, there are important issues at stake and their are real differences in opinions. I think the Limbaughs/Hannities/Becks have created an atmosphere where anything goes – and it is impossible to be productive.

    When you turn Joe Wilson into a hero – while 6 years ago claiming anyone who didnt support our invasion of Iraq or support Bush was unpatriotic – you are a hypocrite in my view. If a Democrat had done that to Bush you guys would crucify him!

    The teabagger approach – shouting and shutting down debate? this is what you want? and you say that we are unreachable?

    looking forward to coming back, if you’ll have me…

    A Proud Liberal

  2. Thanks for your comments, Wage Slave. Your views on conservatism are really quite stereo-typed. When you have a few minutes, you might want to scan up to the section of the blog entitled Liberal Myths About Conservatives. Regards, Trac

  3. keepitsimplewithintegrity says:

    Hi Proud Liberal – Are you sure children in the US are dieing because of “no health insurance”. I thought a law was passed in the 70s that all ERs must admit anyone and everyone requiring care, and that there are incredible non-profit hospitals (like St. Jude’s and Schriners) that specifically treat children at no cost. (primarily funded by individual donations) Speaking of donations, is is well documented and undisputed facts, that the average household income of Democrats is significantly higher than Republicans, yet Republicans “out give”. I am not a member of either party (in fact, I am socially liberal yet fiscally conservative) I have spent a significant portion of my life in the non-profit world (non government subsidized non-profits)as a paid staffer and volunteer. Our findings when “fundraising” in the cities to support the efficient delivery of non-profit services, research, education and cures was/is the individuals living in cities that “give more” per captia were typically “red” cities vs. “blue” cities. In fact, Austin, TX (which is famously the blueberry in the tomato soup) Is ranked as #50 in per capita donations in the list of largest 50 US cities. It leaves this “compassionate” town scratching their heads…why is that? Non-profits and honest corporations are much more efficient and effective at delivering needed programs and services compared to government agencies. Support independent non-profits not government programs. “The best way to help the poor is to be rich, therefore you can GIVE it away”. -anonymous.

  4. Wage Slave says:

    I appreciate your responses – it is refreshing to hear a respectful rebuttal on a conservative blog. Too often comments like mine above are met with angry rhetoric, personal attacks and/or the dreaded ban.

    I look forward to responding more in the coming days. My first response to tracielasater is that in a quick reading of the ‘myths’ I find the liberal position extremely ‘stereotyped’ and misrepresented. I plan to follow up on that. Nevertheless, there is much I agree with – use of nuclear power, the human effect of the DDT ban, and suprisingly – your agreement that the military is too large and our foreign policy to expansive. In contrast, your claim of me stereotyping is nothing of the sort and comes straight from the leaders of your movements – spreading outright lies about the health insurance plan, the birthers, the deathers, the global warming denialists – comes right out of Hannity/Limbaugh/Beck, the teabaggers and the RNC.

    Much of my disdain for the Republican/conservative movement is the role of religous ideology and intolerance (hegemony), which of course leads to utter hypocrisy as well.

    And finally, the Joe Wilson idoltry and the town-hall disruptors. This is not a stereotype, this is a large movement that has received significant attention and support from the leaders/mouths I mentioned.

    As for keepitsimple’s comments. Yes, there may be a law and an oath that requires doctors to treat those who show up in the ER – but it is the LACK of insurance and the fear of financial ruin that precludes preventative measures that lead to far more devastating illnesses and deaths. A poor family with no health insurance will delay taking a sick child for care until an ER visit becomes necessary – is this the plan you support?

    I agree with you on government spending. Trillion dollar deficits for the next decade! This isnt the change I wanted. Where were the Republicans screaming when Bush did it? Some may have, but during the first 6 Bush years, there was virtually no opposition to ANYTHING he did from the Republican congress. I have libertarian tendencies as well – but the lying and the hypocrisy of the right for anything Obama does is ridiculous (Olympics? Nobel Prize? what happened to “country first”?).

    Lastly, I don’t beleive you about the blue/red distribution regarding donations to non-profits. Perhaps it is only true if it includes the churches? I am going to look it up myself and will get back to you shortly with my findings either way. I will admit it if you are right and acknowledge it as one way that conservatives live up to their rhetoric. If I find you are inaccurate, I will chalk it up as yet another example of the rightwing simply making stuff up.

    – WS

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