Snakes On A Flood Plain

According to Reuters, invading giant snakes are threatening U.S. wilderness areas, most notably in the Florida Everglades.  

Florida wildlife officials say the Everglades wetland is a dumping ground for pet owners who find their snakes too large to handle when they mature.  They eat birds, reptiles, rodents and other small mammals and are considered a major threat to endangered species like the wood stork and Key Largo woodrat…
Two species, the boa constrictor and Burmese python, have already established breeding populations in south Florida and experts have found “strong evidence” that the northern African python may be breeding in the wild as well.

Four other snakes, the reticulated python, green anaconda, Beni anaconda and Deschauensee’s anaconda, are considered “medium-risk” but are still potentially serious threats, the USGS report said.


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