NOW I Understand Why He’s Popular With The Ladies

Blues musician John Mayer was interviewed recently and was asked,

What do you think about health care?  Would you take the public option?mayer

Mayer: “Have you ever heard me play guitar?  I’m really fucking good.  You know what I’m bad at?  Answering questions about public health care.  This is not in my wheelhouse.  Do you have any questions about music?  I almost got a mad need to lighten up.  You need to lighten up, because the questions you asked me were all troublemaking questions.  If someone gave me the Nobel Peace Prize, and I didn’t deserve it, I would just shut my mouth and enjoy the hell out of it.

I have seen this guy on the arm of Hollywood’s most beautiful women and always kind of wondered what the attraction was.  Now I get it.  He has common sense.


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