Have I Mentioned That Democrats Elect Reprobates?

From the American Thinker:

Splitting ObamaCare to Fool Public
There is no other word that is appropriate – Congress is full of slimebuckets.  In order to preserve the fiction that Obamacare is deficit neutral, Congress has split Obamacare into two bills.

One bill is the one that passed the Senate Finance Committee last week.  The second is S.1776, deceitfully named the Medicare Physician Fairness Act of 2009.  This bill will increase payments to doctors from Medicare by $247 billion over the next ten years.  The money will come from…you guessed it, more debt.

This bill is a necessary adjunct to the Obamacare bill because Obamacare would not be “deficit neutral” without it.  By splitting up the bills, Congress can maintain the fiction that Obamacare is not going to increase the national debt while increasing the national debt…


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