Cool Scientific News

Artificial Retina, Video Camera Give Partial Vision Back to Blind in Study
A miniature video camera in the center of his eyeglass frames and tiny electrodes implanted at the back of his right eye allow Dean Lloyd to see lights and shapes, more than 30 years after he lost his vision…
A Profusion of Planets: Astronomers Spot 32 New Worlds Around Distant Stars
Planets, planets, everywhere!  Astronomers have announced the discovery of 32 new planets orbiting distant stars, bringing the list of known exoplanets up to more than 400.  The batch of freshly discovered worlds include four that are only five or six times the mass of Earth, an encouraging sign in the quest for a truly Earth-like world that could support life…
German Village Goes Off-Grid Ready
A tiny village in Germany ends its dependence on the grid this month.   Juhnde in central Germany has attracted the attention of renewable energy advocates because it makes all the electricity and heat for its residents from a combination of manure, silage and wood chips.

The initial investment to take the village off the grid was E2.9 million for the biogas facility (pictured), E900,000 for the heating system and E1.6m for a hot water pipeline.  Finance was a mix of grants and loans taken out by the village and repaid out of future savings on the energy bills that households are no longer paying…
What a fantastic story!  As long as a town’s people choose to go this route and find their own funding for doing so, it would be wonderful to see places such as this popping up all over the globe.


And in the “no shit Sherlock” category…

Sudden Infant Death Tied to Sleeping With Drunk Parent, U.K. Study Finds
Sudden infant death syndrome, the mysterious death of a seemingly healthy baby, was linked to sleeping with a parent more than half the time, and the incidents often involved alcohol or drugs, a U.K. study found.

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