Driver’s Ed. Revisited

As it has become clear to me that some people need a refresher course in driver’s ed, I thought I would touch on a few points about which people seem to be confused:

*  Unless there is a sign specifically forbidding it, you CAN turn right on red.  Treat it like a stop sign.

*  When you are in the left turn lane at a green light, and you are facing a stream of oncoming traffic, you need to pull out into the intersection to wait for your opportunity.  Many times that opportunity will only come when the light turns red and the others are forced to stop, allowing you to clear the intersection.  If you do not do this, you can end up sitting through light after light for God’s sake.    

*  When two lanes of traffic are merging into one lane, it is customary and correct to take turns – one car from first lane, one car from second lane, one car from first lane, etc.  When you decide to play Mother Theresa and let 10 cars go in front of you, you are screwing all the people behind you.    

*  The left lane is the fast lane.  The right lane is the slow lane.

*  When entering onto the freeway, do not stop on the onramp.  You need to keep moving and slowly merge. 

*  Finally, GET OFF THE PHONE.  I am sick and tired of playing extra-defensive driver as you run red lights, sit through green ones and stop at yellow ones.  Pay attention!!   The lives of my children depend upon it.


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