Net Neutrality: Because Internet Access Is A Human Right

Here come the Libs to screw up yet another part of our lives.  As usual, you can always judge the outcome of their efforts to be exactly the opposite of what they claim the goal to be – – – Libs know very well they cannot be honest and implement their agendas.

Under the guise of securing a more free and open internet (which is already as free and open as it can be), proponents of net neutrality wish to insert government in a regulatory role between the producer and the consumer in the internet space.  Here is a brief rundown from Tech Republican:

We’re talking about giving more power to the federal government to regulate what, you the consumer, can access… here is the issue in layman’s terms:

“Pipes” that deliver your computer information have limitations.  Congestion can occur in those pipes and it is left to the network operators to work out their differences on what info gets through to you.  Engineers got together to try and resolve this and used something called peer to peer software to help alleviate the congestion.  What I learned today was that instead of encouraging innovation from these engineers and people who know most about these things “net neutrality” gives that power over to the government.

McDowell said he and the other FCC commissioners “don’t have engineering degrees, we’re liberal arts majors.”  He [instead] wants to encourage private sector collaboration…

McDowell has done his research and he says that, “countries that regulate the Internet are less free, and countries that regulate the Internet less are more free.”  This whole thing could lead to the government being one big service provider while smaller independent ones are crowded out.  Even if that is not in the immediate future, why take a step in that direction if it’s not necessary?

So which option would you prefer?  I say “we the people” will always come up with better ways to solve problems than the government’s regulation.


Here is RedState on the issue:

The time is coming that the left is going to begin its drive for Single Payer Internet, and so the time has come for us to fight back.  Finland is gradually nationalizing the Internet and declaring use of other people’s Internet hardware a “right,” and the left is cheering.  Obama’s “Internet Czar” does not hide the left’s hopes for an end to freedom and markets for Internet service.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, President Barack Obama, and the rest of the radical left want to use the Net Neutrality movement as the crisis that gives cover to sweeping big government action, allowing the FCC to pick winners and losers and dictate to private individuals and firms how their private property must be run, putting government bureaucrats in charge of the Internet.

The dangers of the administration’s Net Neutrality plans are not theoretical:

Innovation will suffer, and America will no longer house the leading edge of the Internet technology.  Wealth will be redistributed as cash-rich, massive market valued Internet firms will bully and get a free ride on capital-intensive, smaller market valued telecommunications firms.  Government will be deeply entrenched and be a costly burden to anyone who conducts business or pleasure on the Internet.  One of the drivers of American economic growth will be crippled in a time when we most need new jobs…


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