Net Neutrality: Proceeding Unimpeded So Far

Keep an eye on this folks.  From Reuters:

FCC Commissioners Support Open Internet Rule

U.S. communications regulators voted unanimously Thursday to support an open Internet rule that would prevent telecom network operators from barring or blocking content based on the revenue it generates.  The proposed rule now goes to the public for comment until Jan. 14…

The full FCC slate of three Democrats, led by Genachowski, and two Republicans voted in favor of issuing a proposed network neutrality rule for public comment.

But the two Republicans, Robert McDowell and Meredith Attwell Baker, did express concern with the content of the rule, saying they do not share the majority’s view that the Internet is showing breaks and cracks and that the government is the best tool to fix it.  They also questioned whether the FCC has the legal authority to regulate the Internet network.

The FCC will accept public comments until Jan. 14; then it will review them and can ask for further comment, with replies due by March 5.


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