Evil, Heartless Insurance Companies Make Windfall Profit Margin Of … Wait For It …2%

Just like the oil industry, the health insurance industry garners very slim profit margins – – – see the below AP story.  Will the Libs bother to ask about the profit margins on carbon credits and other equally worthless goods created out of whole cloth by Al Gore and his government cronies?  Don’t hold your breath.  Or maybe you should…all that CO2 you know.

…In the health care debate, Democrats and their allies have gone after insurance companies as rapacious profiteers making “immoral” and “obscene” returns while “the bodies pile up.”  Ledgers tell a different reality.  Health insurance profit margins typically run about 6 percent, give or take a point or two.  That’s anemic compared with other forms of insurance and a broad array of industries, even some beleaguered ones.  Profits barely exceeded 2 percent of revenues in the latest annual measure…

Insurers are an expedient target for leaders who want a government-run plan in the marketplace.  Such a public option would force private insurers to trim profits and restrain premiums to compete, the argument goes.  This would “keep insurance companies honest,” says President Barack Obama.  The debate is loaded with intimations that insurers are less than straight, when they are not flatly accused of malfeasance…


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