NRCC Doubles Down In Its Attempt To Lose Any Straggling Conservatives

There is a NY Congressional race that we politicos from across this nation have been following closely.  The bad joke summary: “Okay, so there is this Democrat, a Liberal RINO and a Conservative, and there is only one parachute…”

It looks like the moderate, country-club Republicans leading the GOP are prepared to go down with the plane on this one.  Over the last month, we have seen these McCain Republicans come forward to support the corrupt Lib in the race, Scozzafava.  And they are supporting her with a huge wad of GOP money.  

At the same time, we have seen powerful Conservatives come out to support who is felt to be the true Republican, Conservative party nominee Doug Hoffman.  Both sides see this as a battle in the much larger war over the direction of the Republican party, and the Conservative war cry is clear, no more LOTE choices.

If you want to learn more about this race, Michelle Malkin and RedState have covered it extensively, calling it the “hill to die on”.


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