The “War Games” Strategy: Can We Get Joshua To Play Himself?

Okay, could the answer be this simple?  In the movie War Games, the WOPR super computer almost causes worldwide destruction until the computer is forced to play itself to learn the moral of the story: Nobody wins in tic-tac-toe or in global thermonuclear war.  Perhaps the enviros will learn the same principle holds true – – nobody wins — in their utopian green-world.  From the Washington Post:

Cowan, 72, a longtime caving fanatic who grew to love bats as he slithered through tunnels from Maine to Maui, is asking a federal judge in Maryland to halt construction of the Beech Ridge wind farm.  The lawsuit pits Chicago-based Invenergy, a company that produces “green” energy, against environmentalists who say the cost to nature is too great.

The rare green vs. green case went to trial Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt.  It is the first court challenge to wind power under the Endangered Species Act, lawyers on both sides say.  With President Obama’s goal of doubling renewable energy production by 2012, wind and solar farms are expanding rapidly.  That has sparked battles to reach a balance between the benefits of clean energy and the impact on birds, bats and even the water supply…


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