Libs On Health Care: “What Would J.C. Do?”

Apart from the tremendous chutzpah it takes for a Liberal to argue on behalf of Jesus for nationalized health care (the legislation for which currently includes taxpayer funded abortions) we keep hearing this false argument regarding morality.  We see it in the below video where MSNBC’s Schultz argues that Jesus would vote yes for the public option, as well as in the ubiquitous FLOTUS video where Michelle plays on our heartstrings to adopt “Barack’s Plan” to come to the aid of our fellow Americans.

A couple of months back I responded to an email from a liberal who posed this question:

Also, what of morality? I would say that we have a moral obligation, as the richest nation on earth, to provide a basic level of health care to all our citizens.  

Here is my response, which I have posted unaltered even though I would have cleaned it up a bit had I known I would post it to blog later:

Morality is a personal issue, not an issue of the state.  Yes, I would agree that we have a moral obligation to see to it that our fellow Americans have decent healthcare.  But that is NOT the role of the government.  That is the role of the individual and the community.  For example, the Catholic church funds hospitals all over this country.  I must say that it really gets my hackles up when Liberals claim the moral high ground on issues such as this.  As if we Conservatives are thinking, “to hell with them – – survival of the fittest right?”

I would argue that it is MORE moral and decent for you to personally take on the responsibility of seeing to it that your neighbor is cared for.  The caring of the downtrodden is the obligation of the community – you need to have a little faith in folks to do those things on their own.  Moreover, when our entire health care system is in tatters after this mess, who do you think will be hurt the most?  Once again I say, good intentions are absolutely irrelevant if you bring about evil and disastrous consequences.

Update: Just watched Glenn Beck and he had a fabulous segment covering this VERY thing.  If you missed it, find it on youtube later.


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