The Paper Tigers At The RNC Finally Take On Obama…On Donor Perks??

From the Washington Times: The Republican National Committee on Wednesday called on the White House to immediately release the names of donors who have been granted meetings with the president or his senior aides, or access to the White House for use of such amenities as the basketball court, the movie theater, or either of two bowling alleys in the complex.

The RNC statement came in response to a Washington Times report showing that President Obama has rewarded scores of top Democratic donors with VIP access to the White House, private briefings with administration advisers and invitations to important speeches and town-hall meetings.

So, is this the first cut in the “death by a thousand cuts” strategy of taking down the Dems?  Let me give our friends over at the RNC a little news flash…hang on a sec as I get my bullhorn…THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION IS CORRUPT!!  Allowing his donors to use the White House for their family bowling night is nothing compared to the billions of dollars in political payoffs going to the likes of SEIU and the NEA.  This stuff is tiddlywinks!

Why don’t you assclowns over at GOP Central spend less time and money funding liberals in key races across this nation, and more time championing Conservative values on behalf of a nation that is under assault 24/7 from the Marxist leadership in the Democrat party??  Better yet, just shut up and sit down…nobody likes you anyway.


One Response to The Paper Tigers At The RNC Finally Take On Obama…On Donor Perks??

  1. I have been a Republican for 12 years. I was a Democrat for 45 years before that. I now consider myself just a Conservative. To the individual that wrote this I say “AMEN”, “well said”. You are my hero!!

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