Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave, When We Practice To Deceive

As the Democrats know they cannot pass health care legislation if they are honest with the American public about their true intention, which is a single-payer government-run system, we have been getting ridiculous name changes and slick add-ons, such as the “opt out” or the “trigger”.  But make no mistake about it, the end game is the same, and the Dems know once they get the basic structure in place, there will be no going back.

The Heritage Foundation commented today on Reid’s proposed “opt-out” plan:

[Liberals] have added a new twist to the “public option”: a provision allowing states to opt out of the program.  This would require states to pass legislation by 2014 rejecting participation in the federal government run plan.  But this new wrinkle is really more of the same…”This latest Senate ploy creates the illusion of an ‘option’ rather than making any fundamental changes to the controversial proposal.”…

* States can only opt-out of the government-run plan, not the entire bill.  But the rest of the bill contains hundreds of provisions, such as the expansion of Medicaid, which will place major financial burdens on the states.

* It is still a government-run plan because the government will require non-participating states to meet federal conditions.  These government-determined conditions could include the creation of state-level public options that mirror the federal plan.

* States will likely select the public “option” because of the bureaucracy and enormous administrative complexity required for a state opt-out.  Federal conditions will limit states’ ability to create alternatives.

* State innovation will suffer under the massive health care proposal’s employer and individual mandates, and government micromanagement of an industry that represents one-sixth of our economy.

The other scheme proposed by the used-car salesmen is the “trigger”, which would implement a government-run plan in a state if certain market conditions are met.  But as the Senate Republican Policy Committee has pointed out, this hair-trigger will be rigged to shoot and “would be activated if most of the population in a state does not have access to what the government decides is “affordable” insurance”.  How do we define “affordable” you might ask?  Well, we define it as low as necessary to trigger the public option.  Get it?


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