POTUS Gets His Photo-Op With Soldier’s Casket

In a reversal of George W. Bush’s previous policy of banning “news coverage of returning bodies from foreign military operations”, Obama visited Dover Air Force Base today for a photo-op.  Because it happened to be raining on the golf course.  From an AP story:



2 Responses to POTUS Gets His Photo-Op With Soldier’s Casket

  1. SSranger says:

    Al Qaeda and the Taliban are killing our soldiers. But the irony is that this ersatz American president is the principal agent indirectly helping them succeed.

    Back in the day, you called for “reinforcements,” not a “surge.” Old infantry vets know Afghanistan has all the makings of a meat grinder. And we’re not even fighting a mechanized army. I’ve seen photos of Marines squatting in bunkers, and videos showing tentative troop movements and, recently, a commander pulling back, saying, “. . . It’s too dangerous out there.” Surely our politically tendentious media packages and skews their reportage; but there’s no arguing our guys are being left out to dry in Afghanistan’s open, vast territory——moving up from the low ground, bunched in tight, target-easy packs, looking for a wily, elusive, and competent enemy.

    The larger problem, unfortunately, is this insidious “enemy” inside the gates of the White House, our chief military “commander,” whose inaction, indecision, temporizing border on criminal. It should be axiomatic by now: Unless tactical units in Afghanistan get enhanced means to seek, find, and kill this fluid enemy in numbers, our troops, brave as they are, will continue to be in over their heads. Afghanistan is just too large a battleground for so relatively few on so fitful a military mission.

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