Lighten Up, Francis

asylumofterrorBecause Liberals must go out of their way to find things to be offended about, today’s weenies are in an uproar over the “Asylum of Terror” haunted house in Clinton, New Jersey:

Every fall, the Red Mill Museum here hosts a haunted house.  But this year’s “Asylum of Terror,” has angered mental health advocates who said the theme perpetuates ugly stereotypes.  The show, which ends today, warns visitors of hopeless, mindless and deranged patients lurking in dark corners ready to lunge.

The Libs wring their hands…”So many people white-knuckle through mental illness and don’t realize how it’s impacting their life.  There could be people out there in the audience who are struggling with a mental illness and will not come out and say a word to anyone now.”



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