Sad News On Honduras

The Hondurans may have finally caved.  Obama sent some henchmen down last week to put pressure on the Honduran government to return Zelaya to power, and it looks like it worked.  Hopefully, Zelaya’s rule will only continue until the upcoming elections when the people will decide.  From Reuters:

Honduras is on the verge of ending a four-month political crisis after rival camps cut a deal that could return ousted President Manuel Zelaya to power and earn international support for a November 29 election.  Buckling under pressure from U.S. diplomats, negotiators …agreed to put an end to Central America’s worst political turmoil in two decades.

The deal, a diplomatic victory for U.S. President Barack Obama, leaves it up to the Honduran Congress to decide whether Zelaya can be restored to serve the last few months of his term — the question that caused earlier talks to stumble.  A Congress vote is expected in the next few days, after the Supreme Court gives a non-binding opinion on the matter…


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