Brief Clip Of The Great Economist Milton Friedman

No Conservative library is complete without the works of the brilliant economist, Milton Friedman.

It is tempting to believe that social evils arise from the activities of evil men and that if only good men (like ourselves, naturally) wielded power, all would be well.  That view requires only emotion and self-praise – easy to come by and satisfying as well.  To understand why it is that “good” men in positions of power, will produce evil, while the ordinary man without power but able to engage in voluntary cooperation with his neighbors will produce good, requires analysis and thought, subordinating the emotions to the rational faculty.  Surely that is one answer to the perennial mystery of why collectivism, with its demonstrated record of producing tyranny and misery, is so widely regarded as superior to individualism, with its demonstrated record of producing freedom and plenty.  The argument for collectivism is simple if false; it is an immediate emotional argument.  The arugement for individualism is subtle and sophisticated; it is an indirect rational argument…Milton Friedman


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